Does a product rank well or badly? 

With the ASIN Keyword Index (hereinafter called AKI) you can quickly find out whether a product has good and – most importantly - useful positions in the search results. The calculation is based on the total number of rankings for an ASIN.  

How is the AKI calculated? 

The AKI is a sum formula which includes all keyword rankings. Position, search volume and the PPC competition of the keywords are all important for the AKI. The main emphasis is on the search volume and position.

What does the AKI say? 

AKI is a visibility index which indicates whether an ASIN is positioned well on Amazon's search results page. The higher the AKI, the more relevant is your product for the Amazon algorithm & the more useful are its ranking positions. To evaluate and compare your AKI use the AKIs of your competitors.  

Why do some products with less rankings have a higher AKI than others with significantly more rankings? 

If a product A with less rankings has a higher AKI than a product B with more keyword rankings, it means that the ranking positions of product A are more relevant.  

Another explanation can be that product A has keywords with very high search volumes on good positions, while product B has keywords with rather low search volumes.

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