With the ShopDoc Keyfinder you can quickly and effectively research relevant keywords for your listing. The Keyfinder also shows you the PPC competition on each keyword and thus which keywords are highly contested. Use the results for your ASIN optimisation or for your PPC campaigns. Upon request, brand names can be excluded in advance. 

Keyword Additions
To find useful additions for your keyword, insert the keyword in "Enter Keyword". With the "Filter" setting you can choose where the keyword and its additions should be placed. For example, if you select "Start with Keyword", your keyword will appear before the additions. 

Maximum Number of Terms
With this option, you can choose the maximum number of words to be displayed per result. The higher the term number, the more complex and specific your results will be. 

Specify Keyword Search
To specify your search, adjust different settings with the filters. You can select between the different keyword types suggests and database or choose both. If you uncheck the database checkbox, only the keywords that are automatically completed in the Amazon search bar will be displayed.  

  • Use the brand filter to specify if brand names should appear with the keywords in addition to your keywords.  

  • With the PPC filter you can determine whether ongoing PPC campaigns should be displayed for your keyword search. 

Loading Data into a CSV file
Once you have made all the necessary settings and entered your keyword, you can decide whether you want the keywords to be displayed in the tool, or whether you want to export them as a CSV file.  

Results of the Keyword Research
Once you have decided to display your search results in the tool, your requested keywords will be shown in an alphabetical order.   

The PPC competition bars indicate how fierce your competition is in the PPC campaigns.  

  • Red bar: high competition 

  • Yellow bar: medium competition  

  • Green bar: low competition 

  • Grey bar: no competition 

In the column "Results" you can see how many ASINs are found with this keyword. 

In the column "Average Reviews" you can see how many reviews the listed ASINs have received on average.  

In the column "Min. Reviews" you can see how many reviews at least available per ASIN. 

In the column "Max. Reviews" you can see the maximum number of reviews per ASIN. 

With the up/down arrows in the respective columns you can display your search results with the focus on a specific factor. 

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