The ShopDoc KeySniffer helps you to compare your ASIN with competitor ASINs regarding the keyword rankings. Based on the results, you can find out which keywords your competitors rank with and compare the keywords with those in your own listing. So you can directly see which keywords you have to boost to overtake your competitors and which keywords you are missing in your listing i.e. keywords for which you are not yet ranking.

ASIN Input
In the upper search field, you can enter up to five ASINs. Click on “Get Results” afterwards.

KeySniffer Analysis  
In the results chart of the analysis you will find the respective ranking of your selected ASINs regarding individual keywords. 

As you can see, everything is marked green in the first ASIN column. This means that the ASIN can be found under the respective keywords (left) at Amazon. The number in the colored results indicates the position the product holds on Amazon when entering the keyword. 

To sort keywords alphabetically, click on the up/down arrows next to "Keyword". To see the best and worst results you can click on the small up/down arrows right next to the ASIN. (Attention the view of the other ASINs changes too). 

The overview below the item "#" shows how many of the entered ASINs are found with the keyword on the left. 

 Key to the Results:  

  • Green: ASIN is found with Keyword. This ASIN has the highest ranking if you search with the respective keyword. 

  • Yellow: ASIN is found with Keyword. Another ASIN is positioned higher if you search with the respective keyword.  

  • Red: ASIN is not found if you search with the Keyword. 

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