To monitor your product reviews with this feature, you first have to set them under Products > Settings.  

The Review Monitor displays all the reviews, which have been submitted for your Amazon products. 

Select Time Period
In this feature, you also have the possibility to set a specific timeframe in the upper bar.  

Review Overview  
In the left chart, you can see how many reviews have been submitted in total for your listed products and how many of them have a certain star rating.

Review History
The right chart displays the review history. Every graph represents a different star rating (1 to 5 stars). If you move over a graph with the cursor, you can see how many reviews (and what kind of ratings) have been submitted in total on a respective day. 

Overview of Positive and Negative Reviews
Further down in the table "Products" you can see the total number, the negative and positive reviews as well as the average rating - for each created product. The table always shows you the values of the period selected above (Select Time Period). The star distribution on the right gives you a small overview.  

Detailed View of Positive and Negative Reviews
To receive a more detailed view of the respective positive and negative reviews, you can click on the "Positive" or "Negative" tab in the menu on the left. 

By clicking on "Negative" or "Positive" you will get an overview of all the written reviews - you will see the title of the reviews, their stars and the entry date. 

Read Review  
If you click on the blue magnifier, you will be forwarded to the selected review on Amazon. 

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