Search Options for Sales Estimates  
When you open the Sales Radar feature, you will see the start screen first. The search bar shows you which value you can look for. For example, you can search for specific ASINs, sellers, brands or keywords. 

Input of an ASIN
If you enter only one ASIN in the search bar, the Sales Radar will focus on this specific product and give you a detailed view into its sales, revenues and price histories. 

Entering a Keyword
If you are searching with a keyword, enter it in the search bar and click on “Retrieve”. Afterwards, the average sales figures for your keyword will appear under "Results of Sales Estimates". 

Product Overview
Below you can see the respective products in detail and get a small overview of the average estimated sales figures. 

Detailed Overview
To switch to a more detailed look into a specific product, click on the blue "plus" sign on its left. 

Now you can see the sales details of the respective product. The left chart shows the sales history of the last 30 days. At the top right, you can see the key that describes each of the three graphs. 

In the right chart with the heading "Sales Details" you can get a particularly detailed overview, as the average estimates of the last 30 days are given in figures.

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