With our ASIN analysis feature, you can find out in a matter of seconds which factors of your listing have not yet been optimized and thus have a negative effect on your conversion. The feature helps you to improve your optimization level and visualizes the effects of changes through the optimization history.

Search ASIN

To directly access a specific ASIN, enter the ASIN in the search bar under "Your Products". 

Quick Overview
If you want a quick overview of your products, look into the table "Your Products". Here you can see the product title, your bestseller rank and BSR history. 

Detailed Analysis of Individual Products
To analyse your product in detail, click on the product. In the upper view, you can immediately see the optimisation level of your product. With the button "Show Rankings" you will be directed to the Ranking Tracker. With the button "Add to Sales Detective", you can add the ASIN directly to the Sales Detective. 

Optimisation History  
In the left chart, you can see the optimisation history for your product. It is based on Amazon's style guides. If you move the cursor over the chart, you can take a look at the optimisation level on a respective day. 

Bestseller Rank History
The right chart shows your bestseller rank history. If you move the cursor over the graph, you can take a look at your bestseller rank position in the respective main category of Amazon. 

Rating Analysis
Below the optimisation and BSR history, you can find your review and rating history [see also Review Monitor]. 

Keyword Ranking
At the bottom page of the ASIN analysis, you can see the current keyword ranking for your product. The ranking list is also exportable as a XLS or CSV file. 

The "Search Volume" indicates how often the keyword on the left has been searched today. 

"PPC Competition" indicates how competitive the current PPC campaigns are. 

In the "Search Results" column you can find how many ASINs are listed under the specific keyword on Amazon. 

The "Position" column shows your keyword ranking position on Amazon for the respective keyword. The column "Previous Week" right next to "Position" displays which position you were occupying the previous week.

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