To be placed in the upper ranks on Amazon it is particularly important that powerful keywords are supporting your products. The Keyword Ranking Tracker feature shows if keywords have been rising, falling or remaining constant. You can easily add relevant product keywords into the feature to monitor them. Are they falling or rising? Are they still relevant? React immediately and exchange keywords which are not boosting your product.
The Keyword Ranking Tracker makes it possible to retrieve rankings for each ASIN from approx. 5.000.000 keywords. These keywords are retrieved once a week i.e the most recent update is available on Sunday mornings. 

It is important for us that we only use a clean keyword set. Therefore, we only retrieve keyword combinations with a maximum of four terms and try to forego meaningless search queries, which only inflate the data without making it more valuable or usable. 

Retrieve data for an ASIN

At the top you can see this field, here you can enter any ASIN to see the corresponding values. 

Metrics for the ASIN and its rankings

If you have entered an ASIN and clicked on the magnifying glass to retrieve the data, you will see the following charts and KPIs below. On the left you see the distribution of the keywords on the individual positions, in the middle the course of the AKI (Asin Keyword Index) and next to it the KPIs for the ASIN. 

Chart - Keyword Distribution

In the keyword distribution you can see how many of the keywords are on a certain position. In the following picture you can see that the ASIN is ranked between position 1 and 10 for 859 keywords. 

Please note: This says nothing about the importance of the keywords.

Chart - AKI History

The AKI (Asin Keyword Index) is a value that is calculated weekly by us and offers you a quick insight into the quality of the rankings. The higher this value is, the better. 

If the value has dropped suddenly within a week, you can assume that a bad keyword optimization has taken place but if the value rises significantly, the keywords of the listing have been optimized well.

Overview KPI's

Here are some KPI's to help you measure the keyword performance of a product:

  • Rankings this week: Shows how many keyword rankings we have found in the displayed week for the entered ASIN.

  • Rankings last week: Hows how many keyword rankings we have found in the previous week for the entered ASIN. 

  • Average search volume: Here you can see the average search volume (ShopDoc search volume) of the keywords to which the entered ASIN is ranking. 

  • Average PPC competition: Here you can see how the average PPC competition (many or only a few sponsored products) of the keywords is, to which the entered ASIN is ranking 

  • ASIN Keyword Index: The current AKI is displayed here. You can find more information about the AKI here.

  • Change AKI: This item shows you the relative change of the AKI compared to the previous week.  

Table - Product rankings

The table shows you all the rankings the tool has found. In the upper right area you can select a sorting method and the number of the results which are displayed. 

For each keyword, the search volume, the PPC competition, the number of search results and the ranking position of the ASIN on Amazon are displayed.  

Furthermore it is possible to export the data in an Excel compliant format such as XLS or CSV. This data is easier to process and can also be used for PPC campaigns, for example. 

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