You want to be able to analyse all the changes regarding a product with one look? This is possible with our change analysis: Here you can retrieve all the changes for your products conveniently and daily.

Add products

In the change analysis you can set up to 10,000 products and track their changes. They do not necessarily have to be your own: It is also possible to observe your competitors - just insert their respective ASINs and click on "save".  A moment later the product will be listed in the product list and you can monitor any changes that occur.


After you have set the products you can see all the changes in the overview. The product title will be displayed first. Next to it is the product's number of changes compared to the previous day. The change history shows the changes per product over a longer period of time. By clicking on the respective button above, you can download the product overview as an XLS or CSV file. Finally, by clicking on "Show Changes", you receive a more detailed view, in which the exact changes compared to the previous day are broken down.

Detail View 

In the detail view of the Change Analysis, the product details are displayed first. By clicking on the respective buttons, you can directly go to the Ranking Tracker, the Sales Detective, ASIN Analysis or take a look at the product listing directly on Amazon.

The overview at the bottom of the detail view shows you all the changes which happened compared to the day before. Only those factors with changes will be shown. By using the calendar symbols next to the dates, you can adjust the comparison period and, for example, display the changes compared to the previous week.

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