We've added a brand new feature to the AMZ Performance Tool. Via Products > Notes you can now add and edit different notes to each product you have set in the tool.

To add a note, click on Create Notes.

The overview at the top of the page provides you with the product details again. Here you can quickly access features like the Ranking Tracker, Sales Detective, ASIN Analysis or take a look at the respective product on Amazon.

To create a product note you can first give your note a matching title. In the note description you can enter everything important about the product and the note. Select the type of note to make it easier to find them later on. You can choose between the following types: note, content change, price change, picture change, shipping cost change, keyword change, title change, description change, bullet point change and PPC change. For example, if you did a price change or a content change for a product on a certain date, you can create a note in the tool. If you notice any changes in your sales, turnover, customer feedback etc. you can determine the cause much easier in retrospect if you created a note in the tool. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of products to observe.

In the Created Notes section, you can review or edit the notes about your products. Additionally, you can download them conveniently via XLS or CSV file.

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