With our Controlling feature you can quickly and easily get an impression of how profitable your products are. Beside automatically generated gross profit calculations - for your entire Amazon online business -, you can also find product-related profit calculations and statistics here. Through the Controlling feature you can directly jump to the individual orders in the Seller Central. 

⚠️ For technical reasons, controlling only works with a connection to your Seller-Central. You can find out how to set up this connection here.


The Controlling Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your individual products' profitability and your business in general. What each element means is explained below.

Select Time Period

Some items in the Dashboard are displayed for the time period you choose at the top of the page: The gross profit calculation on the left side of the screen and the sales overview for your products at the bottom of the page (see screenshot). By default, the data for the last seven days is shown. You can either choose a pre-defined time period or you can set it completely anew via "User-defined".

Select Marketplace

If you are selling your products in several countries, you can display the gross profit calculations and the sales overview for the respective markets. Select the respective country from the drop-down menu (see screenshot). By default, "All" is selected: So the different boxes refer to your entire online business - across all countries.

Export Data

Via the green buttons labeled "XLS" and "CSV" you can download the three gross profit calculations as well as the sales overview as an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) or as a structured text file (CSV; comma-separated values).

Gross Profit Calculations

With three different gross profit calculations you can see how profitable your online business has been in various time periods: On the right side is the calculation for the previous month, in the middle the current month's calculations and on the left the gross profit calculation for the period of your choice - by default the last seven days.

You can switch to a graphical view using the symbols in the upper right corner of each calculation: A pie chart shows you the items pro rata - details on the respective proportions can be obtained by moving the cursor over them. Below the pie chart you will find a bar chart which graphically compares turnover (green) and costs (red). Another bar shows the profit or loss. Here you can also retrieve the respective details by moving the cursor over the graphic.

⚠️ In order to calculate VAT and cost of goods sold correctly, you have to enter the corresponding values per market and product. You can do this either in the Detailed Product View of the Controlling feature (more on this below) or under Products > Settings.

Sales Overview

Further down the page you will find the tabular sales overview. It lists all your products including their sales, turnovers and profits for the period you have selected above. Additionally you will find the current optimisation level of the respective product listings.

💡 You can sort the sales overview by product name, sales, turnover and profit. You can also download it as an XLS or CSV file.

⚠️ The sales overview only lists products which were imported via the Seller Central connection. (Competitor) products, added manually via Products > Settings, are not shown here, because we cannot read the corresponding data.

Detail View

By clicking on the blue "Details" button next to a product listed in the sales overview, you can display the gross profit calculation for this specific product. Additionally, the detailed view provides you with a map showing how many sales you have made in which country. Next to the map are statistics regarding your orders listed in tabular form: For example, the number of orders delivered and how many of them were Prime. 

You can also access the same view for all your products by clicking on the "Detailed Dashboard" button below the gross profit calculations in the Controlling dashboard.

Here, you also have the option to select an individual period for which the data is to be retrieved in the Detail View. It is also possible to switch to the graphical view or export the data as XLS or CSV files.

At the end of the product-specific detail view, you will also see a list of all the sales for the respective product in the specified period, including order date, order quantity, turnover, costs (discounts) and profit. If it is a discounted sale, you will also get to see the corresponding promotion ID. With a click on "Details" you will be redirected to the respective order overview in your Seller-Central.


In Controlling > Settings you can enter fixed and one-off costs which will be included in the gross profit calculations. Fixed costs can be set both monthly and per order - the latter with optional differentiation between FBM and FBA orders.

Once you have created fixed and one-off costs, they will be listed further down the page. If you would like to delete a cost, you can do that there. 

💡 The individual cost lists can be sorted: alphabetically, by cost level and - in the case of one-time costs - by date.

⚠️ Don't forget to specify the VAT and the cost of goods sold amount for your products in Products > Settings!

▶️ Note: The Controlling feature of the AMZ Performance Tool only works with a connection to your Seller Central. You can find out how to set the connection in our instruction MWS-Connection / How to set the Auth-Token

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