Our Potential Analysis feature provides you with the unique opportunity to recognize how high the revenue potential of your products is; which high potential keywords are missing in your listings and which keywords, already contained in the listing, still have potential for a ranking improvement.


The overview shows the potential for all the products you have set in the tool. 


  • Achievable revenue: The maximum achievable sales revenue of all your products

  • Your revenue: The current total revenues from all the products you have set in the tool. (If you did not connect the tool with your Seller Central, the estimated revenues will be displayed here)

  • Average Revenue: The average revenue of your products' competing products. 

Note: The revenue values refer to the last 30 days.


  • Total keywords: Total number of keyword potentials

  • Potential keywords, which are still missing from the listing: Keywords that competitors rank with but your listings don't (Top 100 search results)

  • Keywords, which can still be improved: Keywords your listings rank with, but competitors rank higher with.


  • Total number of competitors: Total number of competitors for all your products

  • Maximum number of competing products: Maximum number of competing products for a product

  • Average number of competitors: Average number of competing products for your products

  • Minimum number of competitors: Minimum number of competing products for one product

With a click on the button "Details" you get the Potential Analysis of a certain product.

Detail View


  • Achievable revenue: Maximum achievable revenue of this product.

  • Your revenue: Your current revenue of this product. (If you have not made a Sellercentral-connection, the estimated turnover will be displayed) 

  • Average Turnover: The average turnover from the competing products of all your products.

Note: The revenue values refer to the last 30 days.

On the right you will find 3 coloured boxes. They visualize how your product is doing. 

  • Revenue in 30 days: Your current revenue with this product

  • Revenue potential in %: The achievable potential of this product

  • Best competitor: The revenue of the best-selling competitor

In the diagrams below, you can see how your sales and keyword potential has changed over the last few calendar weeks by looking at the graphs. The pie chart "MAIN CATEGORIES" shows you how the category distribution of competing products looks like.


Competitors: All competing products for your product are listed here. You can take a look at their revenue, price, BSR, category, AKI and optimisation level.

Potential keywords: Here, all the keywords are displayed to which the competing products are ranking but not your product (refers to the top 100 search results). Furthermore you can simultaneously see the search volume, the PPC competition and the number of search results for each keyword. These keywords can be used for PPC campaigns, for example.

Keywords to be improved: This tab contains keywords for which your product is already ranking but the products of competitors are ranking even better for that particular keyword.

Keyword Cloud: All the keywords are displayed in a cloud.

NOTE: You can download all the results with the green "XLS" and "CSV" buttons e.g. for PPC campaigns.

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