What are Listing Campaigns?

Through Listing Campaigns you can analyse and evaluate your product listings with the help of our experienced product testers. Testers will review and rate titles, bullet points, product descriptions, cover- and product images and also provide you with keywords which they would have used to search for your product on Amazon. This gives you valuable information directly from the end customer, which you can use to optimise your listing.

How do I create a Listing Campaign?

To create a new Listing Campaign, simply click on the menu item "Listing Reviews" and then on the green button with the label "Create campaign" in the upper right corner (see screenshot).

Consider the following points while creating a campaign:

  • Name of the campaign: Your campaign name. This name is only used internally and is NOT displayed to the product testers.

  • Country: The marketplace where the product is listed.

  • Category: The category of your listing.

  • Product: Select the product here (if you have already set it in Products), otherwise enter the product ASIN. 

  • Up to 3 cover images: Upload up to 3 cover images here. Please upload at least 2 images, so that testers can choose the best one. Note: The images can not exceed the maximum size of 1 MB.

  • Up to 10 images: Upload up to 10 product- or application images here. Note: Images can not exceed the maximum size of 1 MB.

  • Start Date: Enter the start date of the campaign here. 

  • Ask for colours: Select "Yes" if you want to ask the product testers for color suggestions regarding your product. This will give you opinions from the end customer's view about the color choice of your product.

  • End Date: Enter an end date here. Note that the campaign will automatically end as soon as the maximum number of reviews have been received.

  • Maximum Reviews: You can select how many reviews you want to receive. 100 is the maximum. 

Note: You can create 8 Listing Campaigns per month.


After the feedbacks have been received, you can assess the evaluation. Here you can find out how your listing was rated. You can also take a look at the detailed individual feedbacks from the product testers and download the suggested keywords via CSV Export.

If you have further questions about our platform, feel free to contact us via the live chat at the bottom right.

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