How do you create a Coupon Campaign for eBay or an online shop?

To create a new campaign, click the menu item "Campaign". Afterwards click the green button labeled "Create Campaign" (see screenshot below). You will be directed to the campaign creation wizard. Please read the following instructions carefully while creating the campaign:

Step 1: Name, Country & Category

  • Campaign Name: Here you can name your campaign. It will only be used internally and is NOT displayed to the product testers.

  • Country: The marketplace that your product is being sold on.

  • Category: Choose a category that best fits your product.

Step 2: Campaign Type

  • Select "This campaign is used for Ebay and other online shops"

Step 3: Price and Discounts

  • Regular Price: The price at which your product is being sold on Amazon. If your product has variations please enter the price of the cheapest variation.

  • Regular Product Price up to: Only fill in if your product has variations. If it does please enter the price of the most expensive variation of said product.

  • Discounted Product Price: Enter the discounted price (Deals price) in ₤ or in %.

Step 4: Product

  • Product title: Enter a product title. 

  • Upload a product image: Please upload an image, which shows your product clearly. Attention: Please upload only one image. 

  • Product link: Here you can enter a direct link to your product. No affiliate links. 

Step 5: Settings

  • Unlock applicants automatically: As soon as an application is received the applicant will immediately be provided with a coupon code or (in case of a flash sale) with the set time span of your discount.

  • Testers who have already received this product cannot apply: Check this box so that testers who have already won a bid in the past (e.g. in an older campaign) cannot apply for your product again.

  • No feedback required: Check this box if you want people to only buy your product but not review it.

  • Create interval: You can set the amount of applicants that will receive a coupon code per day. If you enter something applicants will be provided with codes automatically so you won't have to accept applications manually.

  • Start Date: Enter the start date of the campaign here. Keep in mind that the coupon codes must be valid as soon as the campaign starts. 

  • End Date: Enter an end date here. Set the end date while keeping in mind that the coupon codes should be valid for at least 7 days after the end date. 

  • Minimum reliability: Reviewers on ShopDoc Deals are ranked by what we call the reliability score. Reviewers can increase their score by rating amazon listings, buying and reviewing discounted products they applied for etc. A good score is something like 70 and up, but you can set a lower or higher value as you please.

Step 6: VIP Campaign

For 25,00 € per 24 hours your campaign will be displayed above all other campaigns in a specific highlighted area. Additionally the best ranking 250 reviewers will specifically alerted to your discount. Thus your product and discount will both gain lots of visibility. You will also receive priority activation and VIP support for VIP campaigns.

Step 7: Coupons

  • Insert the coupon codes or the link you have created beforehand (e.g. with the software of your online shop). 

  • Click on "Save".

  • If you don't have the option to create coupon codes for your online shop and thus want to sell the product directly for a discounted price, please insert: "No code necessary". Copy this phrase e.g. 20 times to assign the discount to 20 product testers. Otherwise you can also select the option "Limited offer" in step 2 and only enter how many testers you need in "Required product testers".

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