Did you receive a helpful and/or detailed reviews of your listing? Now you have the option to reward those product testers with a coupon code - e.g. with a 80 - 90% discount. 

Store Coupon Codes

Click on "Listing Reviews" and then on the respective campaign name or on the purple magnifying glass. At the bottom of the page you will find a list with all the participants of your listing campaign (screenshot). 

Right next to the list is an input field for the coupon codes. Enter the coupon codes and their expiry dates (Valid until). If you are offering different product variants please enter the lowest and highest price in Discounted Price and Discounted Price until €. If there are no variants enter the same price into both fields. 

⚠️ Make sure to enter enough coupon codes. Once you have clicked on "Save", you cannot add additional codes. 

Save and Release

Click on the green "Save" button to save the codes in our system. One code will be tested by us and the others are for the testers. This can take up to 24 hours

Issuing a Code

After we have approved the codes, the coupon input field turns into an overview, which shows you whether your codes have been approved (Codes released). You will also see how many codes have already been redeemed.
A yellow gift icon button will appear next to every product tester who indicated that he is willing to buy your product. You can use this button to issue the respective product tester one of the previously stored coupon codes.

▶️ Also interesting: You can find out more about Listing Campaigns in our help center. 

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